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The Lotus Hotel is a boutique hotel, located a few  meters away from the original Kenya Uganda railway platform.  In the early days this was a gathering place and way station for colonial administrators and European settlers.  

Settlers would plough land upcountry and come to holiday on the Mombasa beaches, staying sometimes for 3 months at a time and monitoring their farms from here.

Two ancient  lotus flowers grace the sheltered terrace area and the hotel arches are the originals made from Indian timber, having been designated Kenyan historical architecture.

For a complete Mombasa experience, be sure to book in for at least one night at the Lotus when you are coming into or leaving Moi International Airport. Shuttle service or taxi service is available to and from the airport, and all North Coast and South Coast beaches.


Our hotel is located on Cathedral Lane, off Nkrumah Road, a leisurely walk to banks, the post office, churches, mosques, shops, businesses, the town’s bustling and friendly market, the picturesque Old Town and, a must for all visitors to Mombasa, the historic Fort Jesus. 

Mombasa Golf club is only a few meters away. Mvita tennis Club is behind the hotel and as as our physical address suggests, Lotus Hotel is near the ACK Memorial Cathedral. Lotus Hotel is ideal for night stopover enroute to South or North Coast, to or from Moi International airport, arrival and departure or for Mombasa by night.
All this in clean and quiet surroundings with friendly people always happy to help and make your stay in Mombasa an Odyssey.

Our aim
We just want you to feel like a Lotus-eater in the Odyssey of Homer, the Greek, full of contentment and if you wish, dreamy indolence.


This is our gateway and a promise of better things to come—a mixture of Oriental and modern furnishing, well balanced to please your eyes, inviting you to relax.

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